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Star Wars Battlefront hot tip: you can pick a map before matchmaking

You don't have to keep landing on that damn beta map every time you want to play Walker Assault any more.

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You don't have much, or really any, choice when it comes to picking a custom mode in Star Wars Battlefront. Going to the multiplayer menu shows tiles of the different available modes, maximum number of players, and whether or not you can be a Hero in them.

So where do you pick your map? Most players, myself included, expected the map screen to follow the mode selection. This isn't the case, however, as the game just throws you into matchmaking when you pick a mode.

But, if you notice (and it's okay if you didn't) the bottom bar shows a new prompt, 'Choose Map', whenever you however over any of the tiles. It's mapped by default to Square on PlayStation 4 and X on Xbox One.

This may be a bit more obvious on PC, but not so much on consoles where you expect menus to follow other menus.

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