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Star Wars Battlefront teases hint at Internet-breaking gameplay footage

Star Wars Battlefront looks so good that the first gameplay footage will break the Internet - according to the people who made it.


Star Wars Battlefront is a big deal. Even if EA phoned it in, the weight of the license and fan expectations would probably carry it home - and we've had no indication it hasn't thrown everything it has at the project.

The hype is almost certainly going to be through the roof when DICE finally unveils Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage this week. But the developer isn't leaving anything to chance, whipping fans into a frenzy with a series of teases.

First up, here are some lovely shots from EA's Star Wars account. You can put them together for a whole image, as I've done above.

A photo posted by EA Star Wars (@eastarwars) on

A photo posted by EA Star Wars (@eastarwars) on

A photo posted by EA Star Wars (@eastarwars) on

Next, MP1st rounded up a number of tweets from DICE staffers suggesting the team is very, very confident in the product:

We know footage has been shown behind locked doors and even opened to external play testers. Alleged industry insider Tidux claims to have seen it, and was suitably imrpessed:

Was there some sort of meeting where the phrase "break the Internet" was bandied about? Tune in later this week, assuming the world's largest network remains stable in the face of our undying interest in all things stellar and warlike.

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