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Star Wars Battlefront companion app now available, earn credits for use with main game

The companion app for Star Wars Battlefront is available to download, and it's more than a simple stat-tracker.


Ahead of the game's launch on November 17, EA has gone live with the companion app for Star Wars Battlefront. Simply called the Battlefront Companion, the app is available on Android, iOS, and on the web.

Predictably, the app allows you to check your stats and those of you friends. You can view your card collection and even customise your in-game loadout. You can also send notifications to get friends to come online and play the main game with you.

The most interesting thing about it is a mini-game called Base Command. The game is a tower defence with card-game elements. The goal is to survive sieges of Imperial Troops as you protect Rebel Bases. Similar to the main game, you also get to pick Star Cards that represent weapons, power-ups, vehicles and more.

As you play, you'll be earning credits which you can use in the app or when the main game launches. Using credits from the main game in the app is also possible.

EA stresses there are no microtransactions in Base Command. In addition, all Star Cards unlocked during gameplay will remain in your deck.

You can do all this from the website, or through the Android app and the iPhone/iPad app.

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