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Star Ocean 5 has more than six playble characters in a party at once

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, known to many as Star Ocean 5, will have over six playable characters in one party.

Speaking with VentureBeat at E3 2015, Tri-Ace producer Shuichi Kobayashi said players

"In actual gameplay there will be more than six [characters]," he said. "In more traditional RPGs, as the story unfolds, you get more and more people joining the party.

"In this game we don’t have that. We’re going to make all party members featured and physical in the field. They can engage in battle. We can’t reveal the exact number at this stage, but it’ll be more than six. Depending on the situation, the phase of the battle, the numbers will be different."

Kobayashi went on to say some parts of the story may include characters which engage in a battle together with "sort of semi-party members" who will not completely join the party, but "still participate in battles."

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness releases for PS4 in Europe and North America next year.

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