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Here's the release schedule for Star Citizen's story and first-person modules

Star Citizen lead Chris Roberts has shared release windows for several modules of the space simulation sandbox.


Star Citizen was the focus of a BAFTA Masterclass presentation yesterday, during which Roberts outlined the game's current development milestone goals.

Polygon captured the details. The first person shooter, planetside and social elements on the game are expected to go into beta in northern spring this year. Arena Commander 2.0 Multicrew Ships will follow in summer.

The really big news is that the first episode of Squadron 42 will launch in autumn. This single-player, story-driven campaign is one of the most anticipated features, and as such this will probably be considered Star Citizen's "real" release date.

However, the Persistent Universe won't launch, even for backers, until the end of 2015, and the commercial launch of the whole game is expected in 2016.



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