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Star Citizen commercial shows off 2944 Aurora customisation

Although its presented like a real commercial, this Star Citizen trailer introducing the 2944 Aurora does a great job of showing off how many options players have to customise their ship even within just one product line.

This is the 2944 model of "space's most popular spaceship", the Aurora.

"For 2944 we are proud to introduce an all new model, the Legionnaire; Built for combat, designed for efficiency," Roberts Space Industries wrote. "The Aurora has graced Ship and Pilot's prestigious top ten list for a record breaking 63 years."

The space sim sandbox is coming to PC at the end of 2014, if all goes well. It recently passed yet another crowdfunding milestone, having pulled in $22 million. This unlocked a facial capture system, allowing the development team to create more realistic in-game characters, and possibly even the faces of fans at special events.

The next goal, $24 million, will expand the in-game public transportation system,, which will allow players and vehicles to be whisked across space even if they don't have the resources to make the trip on their own.

Thanks, I-Pod.

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