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Star Citizen Arena Commander 1.0.1 launches with public test server

Star Citizen players can now experience the delights of untested, in-beta features even more than they already do in the incomplete, unreleased game! Yayy!


No seriously, Star Citizen now has a public test server, only because everything is in theme with Cloud Imperium games it's called the Public Test Universe.

According to a new Roberts Space Industries post, every Star Citizen backer has access to the PTS PTU, which includes a build of Arena Commander 1.0.1.

"Please note that the PTU is not for the faint of heart: unlike standard Arena Commander, you’re one of the first people testing a new build which can often be unstable or otherwise non-functional," the developer warned.

"If you’re serious about helping us test Star Citizen, accessing the PTU and reporting bugs on the forums is one of the biggest services you can provide… but if you’re looking for a clean dogfight, you may want to stick to the standard build.

"We’re committed to including our backers as early in the development process as possible, so getting the Public Test Universe accessible to everyone as quickly as we could was a priority.

"The PTU will not be permanently accessible; it will be available on occasions that the community is needed for testing a patch, and will usually be deactivated after a patch goes live on the main channel. We will update you in this space when PTU content is available for testing."

Hit the link above for details on how to access the PTU.

Update: now with trailer.

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