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Square's Gunslinger Stratos announced as a shooter for Japanese arcades

Square Enix officially announced Gunslinger Stratos during a press event in Japan this morning, and it's a shooter for arcades.

It's a four-on-four action shooter which has players dual wielding guns as their main weapons, but they can switch to a machine gun, shotgun, or other power weapons such as a rocket launcher should the need arise.

The game's impressive staff list includes Lord of Vermillion's Nobuki Kadoi as producer and former Street Fighter and Vampire Savior developer Shinichiro Obata as its director. Characters were designed by Bayonetta and Okami designer Mari Shimazaki, as well as Arco Wada and Shigeto Koyama. The shooter's concept was created by Gen Urobuchi, a scenario writer from Nitro Plus.

Gunslinger first came to light back in December when a trademark dug up by Andriasang translated as "Gunslinger Stratus" appeared online.

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