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Square hands out Supreme Commander 2 screens and unit info


New shots of Supreme Commander 2 popped up on the net, and each one is full of RTS goodness.

You can view 'em over on Joystiq, and there's a lovely shot of the Kraken sub in there too.

Units in the game include the Bomb Bouncer, which uses utilizes a shield protecting itself and nearly unit which causes weapons fire to bounce off and back towards enemies - which in turn also causes the mega-blast weapon to charge doling out damage to enemy units.

Those wanting a good unit for sea battles can use a sub called the Kraken that attacks air units, seafaring enemies and land units.

There's also the Pulinsmash has massive arms rotating into a vortex that sucks up ground and air units.

Date's for the title are a bit confusing so here it goes:

  • North America: March 2 on PC, March 16 on Xbox 360
  • Europe: March 5 on PC, March 19 on Xbox 360

If the SC series is not your thing, the next big project from Gas Powered Games is expected to be announced on February 18. So there's something for you at least to look forward to.

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