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Split/Second boss confirms secret Black Rock game


Black Rock head Tony Beckwith's told VG247 that Disney smash racer Split/Second is one of two games in development at the studio, although he refused to give details on the second title.

"We're a two-product studio," said the developer, speaking in an interview at the company's Brighton offices.

Beckwith added when pushed to identify the game: "Not being discussed at all."

The boss said that Split/Second is a different product in the racing genre, again alluding to the studio's second project.

"The main thing is that it's really fresh in the racing space," he said of the announced title.

"It's really where I want the studio to be going, not just this, but in anything: we're a two-product studio. Whatever we do in the future."

He added that Split/Second was "a definite first step" for the developer in its future direction.

Split/Second is planned for May release on PS3 and 360, and attempts to being action film elements to the driving genre.

Disney bought Black Rock from Climax in September 2006.

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