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Spielberg 'throws away' current work to focus on 'heart-breaking' Natal


Steven Spielberg has told the BBC that everything he's working on with EA is now in the bin. Why? Because now he's got Natal.

"I'm currently making videogames through EA, and right now I'm so excited to be able to write for [Natal]," he said, talking alongside MS entertainment boss Don Mattrick after the Microsoft E3 press conference last night.

"That's what I'm most excited about, because it sort of changes the paradigm of what I would have written for last week, now all that has been thrown away and it's a whole new world, a whole new beginning."

The body-sensing tech, the creator said, will pull down the barriers experienced by many when they first pick up a game controller.

"This is going to try to bring those that are intimidated or scared of the technology, with what the buttons do or what the controller does, this is going to give people that don't usually play videogames access to a whole new world that we know is compelling but they haven't quite discovered yet," he said.

"I think they'll discover it through Natal."

Spielberg added that Natal is a step in allowing developers to create truly emotional content.

"I don't really know of a convergence, and I can't give you a date for convergence, but so far, the videogame industry has not allowed us the opportunity to cry while we're playing a videogame because we're too busy putting our adrenaline rush into the controller, or to wherever we have to swing our arm with the Wii controller, to get a result, to achieve a level of success," he said.

"Because of that there's no room for a videogame to break your heart. I think, in terms of a technology, we have a little more room, to be much more emotional with the Natal technology than we ever have before."

You must watch that interview. Hit this for details on the Nintendo and Sony conferences today. Let's see if they can do better than this.

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