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Spector: Roger Ebert "doesn't get" videogames


Warren Spector has said Roger Ebert's view that videogames will never be art is "irrelevant."

Chicago-based journalist Ebert wrote the comment on his blog last April, before swiftly U-turning after receiving 4500 disagreeing comments.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Junction Point boss Spector, who is currently making Epic Mickey, gave his opinion on the matter, saying however Ebert feels, his opinion doesn't really count.

"Videogames are just coming out of the period where I describe them as the medium adults don't get. Roger Ebert is like the adult. He doesn't get it.

"Whatever medium adults don't understand can't be art. Eventually those adults go away and new adults take their place, and some other medium takes the place of the thing that everybody hates. We're coming out of that period now. What Roger Ebert thinks is completely irrelevant."

Games over, Ebert.

There's a full interview through here.

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