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Spector: Games were "the least interesting" part of E3

Deus Ex and Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector is concerned that E3 2012 presentations spent too much time ignoring games, especially when there's so much to celebrate.

"The most interesting part of the press conferences had nothing to do with games. When the games are the least interesting part, there's a problem," Spector told GamesIndustry.

"When did the game conference become about interfacing with Netflix? I just worry a little bit."

Spector aid that what makes the focus on non-gaming services all the more strange is that the industry is in "a golden age".

"Nobody knows what the future of games is. Nobody. At a time like that Notch can come along and do Minecraft, and Chris Hecker can finally do his incredible party spy game, and Jon Blow can do Braid, and I can do a triple-A Mickey Mouse game - anything is possible," he pointed out.

"Is the future indie games distributed digitally made by four guys in a garage? Is it 800 people working on a triple-A game for Disney? Is it a social game on Facebook? Is it a mobile game on iOS and Android? Nobody knows.

"What that means is, if you have an idea you can reach an audience with it. Pretty much all I saw at E3 was, 'Well, we're going to do what we always did, but bigger and bloodier! And we're gonna talk about Netflix!' I just don't get it."

Elsewhere in the same interview, Spector called for an end to the "ultraviolence" of video games.

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