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Spanish National Police arrest three Anonymous members in Spain

The National Police in Spain have arrested three suspected members of the hacktivist group Anonymous, and according to the Spanish Policia Nacional website, one of the people arrested was hosting a server out of their home which supported DDoS attacks on businesses, websites, financial institutions and government agencies around the globe - as well as the website for the PlayStation Store.

Three of its leaders in Spain were arrested in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Almeria, one of which was protecting a server in their home where attacks were coordinated and implemented. From her apartment in Gijon, the member attacked the websites of the "Sony Playstation Store, BBVA, Bankia, ENEL and the governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand."

This was the first police operation in Spain against Anonymous, and the Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police analyzed more than 2,000,000 lines of log chats and webpages to find the area of operations in Spain and find enough evidence to make an arrest.

The initial investigation began in October 2010 following a complaint by the Ministry of Culture after its website was attacked in protest over the country's Congress and Senate passing the Law of Sustainable Economy. Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attack, thus began the investigation.

One of the searches on an Anonymous member's home found software "specifically designed for the creation of malware," and "sophisticated encryption techniques," in order to hide the users identity and communications through the used of others' WiFi networks and the use of bots.

Spain's Technological Investigation Brigade's investigation, which led to the three arrests, have caused the police to charge the perpetrators with criminal damage, discovery and disclosure of secrets and conspiracy.

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