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Sony to testify before US subcommittee on Commerce next week

Sony will be sending Tim Schaff, the president of International Sony Network Entertainment division, to Washington DC next week to appear before a House subcommittee hearing regarding the firm's recent Network breach.

According to a report in The Atlantic, Schaff will appear at the Tuesday hearing, after declining the first one held by the US House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade.

The Committee previously asked Sony to testify regarding the firm's network security breach, along with other recent hacks made to firms such as Epsilon, but it declined and responded to the Committee's questions in writing.

Today, subcommittee aide Ken Johnson confirmed the news that Sony would indeed sit in on the next meeting.

"While Chairman Bono Mack remains critical of Sony's initial handling of the data breaches, she also is appreciative that the company has now agreed to testify," said Johnson. "The Chairman firmly believes that the lessons learned from both the Sony and Epsilon experiences can be instructive and guide us as we develop comprehensive data protection legislation.

"We expect to introduce that legislation, which will provide new safeguards for American consumers, in the next few weeks."

Thanks, GiantBomb.

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