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Sony "mulling over" PS3 SKU strategy

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Yet more in the 80Gb US PS3 cancellation saga, this time in the form of a story that Sony hasn't actually made its mind up what to do about the whole issue. Heavy rumour's been pointing to a 120Gb package to replace the 80Gb machine, but if this is to be believed, it's all a load of hooey.

"GameDaily BIZ has learned, however, from a very reliable source close to Sony that the company has yet to actually decide on what the next SKU configuration will be. Apparently the executive teams and product strategists have been meeting this week in Japan. 'There are a lot of different strategies under consideration, but nothing is final yet. They are considering ways to put some relevant distance between the two PS3 SKUs, but it's unclear how that will roll out,' our source indicated."

Lots, lots, lots more on this to come before the inevitable announcement. GDC seems a likely place to us.

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