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Sony "may never know" if hackers stole anything during PSN breach

PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai has been talking to a lot of different folks during E3 this year, and the BBC was no exception. According to an interview with the outlet, Hirair said Sony "may never know" what data was stolen by hackers when they breached PSN's security system.

Hirai told the BBC that the 100 million PSN account's "information was accessed," but the firm is unsure as to "what part," was actually stolen from the servers.

"The people that intruded our systems are very good in hiding their tracks as they left our systems, so we might not know for a very long time or we may never know."

Hirai also said that if "any credit card information was taken", the firm is unsure, but it"shared that as a potential possibility" in order to ensure the safety of consumer data..

He goes on to tell the BBC basically the same thing he told the Guardian, that such breaches are not just a Sony issue, but one affecting all organizations and that all firms no matter how big or small need to be "very vigilant about how [credit card]data is being secured."

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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