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Sony registers The Last of Us 2 & 3 domains, The Order: 1886 speculation resumes

Sony has filed some domain registrations for The Last of Us and more for its mysterious The Order: 1886.

According to some sleuthing from Superannuation, domains,,,, and were privately registered through SCEA's domain registrar, meaning the title is likely being made in the states.

Funnily enough, it was also trademarked in Europe in the Netherlands, where Guerrilla Games just so happens to be located and is working on an new IP.

Network Solutions is the private registration company mention above.

Super speculated the domain could be for God of War boss Stig Asmussen or Ready at Dawn's new PS4 action-adventure IP.

However, on May 8 a shot of character renders on a Naughty Dog PC showed two gents dressed a bit piratey. However, on closer inspection, they could be dressed a bit more like military men on the US frontier. It's too blurry to make out really, plus, the Indian Wars pretty much ended that year with the surrender of Geronimo.

If it is a Naughty Dog title, I owe deathm00n a drink.

Speaking of Naughty Dog, though, Sony has also registered numerical domains for The Last of Us, indicating it either plans on sequels for the June actioner, or is readying domains just in case for the future.

Who knows, really.

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