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Sony executives comfortable with Vita performance so far

Despite the naysayers, the Vita is on track in terms of sales performance and upcoming content, according to Sony.

"We're building a lot of additional titles internally. A lot of good third-party support, you saw that announced at our press conference," senior vice president of product development Scott Rohde told Joystiq.

"So, we think that it's certainly on the rise. Still doing well. Would we like it to do better? Of course. And we're doing everything we can in terms of providing great new content – sixty titles next year – to ensure that that will happen.

"There are a lot of other bigger and smaller things that we just haven't announced yet," he added.

Hardware marketing boss John Koller seemed equally complacent when talking with Kotaku.

"Right now we're on forecast to where we thought the platform would be," he said.

"We knew there was a market. Our research pointed over the last four years of creating it that there was a market. We still absolutely believe that."

Koller noted that although Sony has plenty of major releases on the books - he specifically mentioned Street Fighters, Madden, Assassin's Creed, Call of Dutys, PlayStation All-Stars and Sly Cooper - the company has noted growth in less traditional areas.

"The digital side has far surpassed our expectations. It shows the type of consumer who has come into the market. It's a PS3 owner. Almost across the board, the Vita owner has been a PS3 owner," th executive said.

Rohde expressed only one regret regarding the Vita's launch so far.

"If I could go back in time, maybe I would've spread out some of the software releases a little bit," he said.

The Vita was not significantly showcased during Sony's E3 presentation which disappointed and worried many early adopters hoping for a peek at the upcoming slate.

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