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"Sony doesn't mind ending up in second, but they want to be first," says Pachter

Michael Pachter has some insight to share about how differently Microsoft and Sony currently perceive winning.


Speaking to Game Informer in the same interview we reported on earlier, everyone's favourite analyst Michael Pachter demonstrated what motivates Sony and Microsoft in the ongoing race to the top.

"I'm curious to see if Sony is as serious about winning because when you speak to the Microsoft guys and you say, 'Do you really care if Sony sells more consoles than you, but you sell 150 million consoles of Xbox?' Microsoft would – and I'm paraphrasing – say, 'F***in' A yes I care,'" said Pachter.

"If you say the same thing to Sony, they would say, 'If we sell 150 million consoles who cares what Microsoft does?' So I think the attitude at Sony is to perform well and make a lot of money, and I think the attitude at Microsoft is to win. People have different opinions about what's the better way to be."

Pachter added that he believes Sony probably won't price match Microsoft's $350.

"I think the interesting thing now will be does Sony match? Because I think Sony was sincere in saying that they don't care if Microsoft moves a lot of consoles, but the truth is they care this week.

"They don't want to be in second. They don't mind if they end up in second, but they want to be in first as often as they can, so it's good for gamers. If the price of the PS4 comes down to $349, everybody wins. At $349, you're getting a lot."

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