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Sony airlifting PS5 systems to meet Christmas demand in the UK

This latest move shows how demand for the system is reaching a fevered pitch.

British news site The Sun reported that Sony commissioned a number of 747 flights to transport thousands of PS5 systems to the UK to keep up with Christmas demand for the popular machine. This is just the latest move in Sony’s struggles to get the PS5 into the hands of eager gamers.

The Sun’s source also had some insights into what Sony is thinking with these moves: “A phenomenal operation has been under way to stock UK shelves of PS5s for Christmas.”

“Sony just wants to keep fans happy after a slew of issues with its new kit, and this is an unprecedented air-lift.”

“The 747 plane is rare after being decommissioned by British Airways, but carries a vast amount of cargo as a freighter aircraft.”

“Each plane can bring in 100 tonnes of equipment on almost 50 pallets. It means millions of gamers will now be smiling this Christmas.”

The popularity of next-gen systems combined with the current chip shortage happening now means getting your hands on a new PlayStation or Xbox might still be difficult even with fresh influxes of stock. The desire is there to make PS5 systems faster than the company did with the PS4, but the shortage continue to make it hard to meet that desire. The PS5 continues to be in short supply across retailers. Even so, the PS5 has sold over 13 million units since launch, an impressive number for a system many people still can’t get their hands on. Time will tell if Sony can come close to meeting holiday demand.

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