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Sonic x Shadow Generations revealed at PlayStation State of Play, and yes, it is called that

You still shouldn't google the first bit of its name, but we are getting a remaster of Sonic Generations.

Image credit: SEGA

Sonic x Shadow Generations, a remaster of Sonic Generations with a name that you definitely shouldn't search up on certain websites, has been officially revealed and is set to arrive during autumn, 2024.

We got our first look at the game via a fresh trailer that SEGA showed off during today's PlayStation State of Play showcase, featuring an extended look at Shadow and some of the impressive boss fights and battles he'll be finding himself in.

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As was rumoured prior to the show, when the game's name was leaked and set off alarm bells both among nests of Sonic fans and in certain corners of the internet (ok, the two definitely aren't mutually exclusive) where Sonic x Shadow means something a little bit less safe for work, it's a remaster/re-imagining of Sonic Generations.

Slightly dodgy name aside, SEGA putting out a revamped version of Sonic Generations is a pretty cool development, given that the original served as a nice celebration of/look back at Sonic's history across both 2D and 3D. Given that it was designed to help commemorate the 20th anniversary of the series, which first put on its running shoes back in the Mega Drive days.

To be fair to Sonic Team, we're fairly sure the array of weird filth that might be served up if you google image search Sonic x Shadow (don't do that) wasn't around back in those halcyon days, and if you ignore all of it and focus on absorbing today's look at the game, you should be able to block out the memory of any interesting art you've inadvertedly seen while looking up rumours about it.

Sonic x Shadow Generations will be available during autumn of 2024, and we'll provide more details once it arrives. Until then, check out our review of Sonic Superstars if you've still yet to give it a go.

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