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Sonic Mania slows down on PC, now due two weeks later

If you're planning on playing Sonic's retro return on PC, you're going to have to wait a little longer for it.

sonic_mania (6)

Sonic Mania, the new 2D Sonic game that could, we hope, be a return to form for the blue blur, has had its PC release pushed back from August 15 to August 29. This was announced during an official Sonic livestream, as the game needs more time spent on optimization.

To reward PC players for their patience, every copy purchased will also come with a copy of the first Sonic the Hedgehog. Of course, the odds of you buying Sonic Mania and not owning the original Sonic in one of its many re-released forms are slim, but hey, it's only a two week delay and they're under no obligation to provide anything free, so it's all good.

To kill time while waiting for the PC version, consider watching the game's opening sequence, which is truly beautiful. Alex's hands-on, published nearly a year ago, saw him 'ecstatic' about how the game was shaping up.

The PS4, Switch and Xbox One versions of Sonic Mania are still due to release on August 15. The Xbox One edition of the special edition is still available for preorder.

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