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Social games responsible for drop in console sales

The numbers don't lie. There's been a noticeable decline in console sales - both hardware and software - in recent years. Where are they all going? Simple: More and more are getting their gaming fix from Facebook.

Until recently, it was believed that gamers who had access to core platforms such as the PS3 or Xbox 360 weren't the same people as played casual games on social networks. A new survey of 1,400 qualified respondents has shown that nearly 70% of social, casual gamers also have access to consoles - and a third of those are playing less on the PS3 or Xbox 360 because games are so readily available online.

Develop has the full story, but these findings are sending shockwaves around the industry.

Spending habits have also decreased. 22% of the surveyed, self-identified "social gamers" had paid more than $100 on core games over the past year, with twice that paying $50. Despite these numbers, a quarter of the gamers said they were investing less money on core titles.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world is changing. May I introduce to you the Hardcore Social gamer, a force to be reckoned with.

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