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First paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has been pulled

Valve's new incentive which allows modders to charge for their creations hasn't been live for 24 hours yet, and already, one mod has been pulled.


The mod in question was Chesko's Fishing Mod for Skyrim, which the creator pulled after a community member questioned whether Chesko had permission from the creator of the character-idle animations used to sell the mod.

Fore, who created the idle animations, confirmed Chesko hadn't contacted him on the matter, and that making money off mods was not something he personally endorsed.

"Making money with mods is totally against my attitude," he replied, according to screencaps on Destructoid. "It's the end of a working and inventive modding community."

Chesko explained he was barred from contacting Fore due to a non-disclosure agreement, and had asked Valve "specifically about content that requires other content."

"I was told that if the download was separate and free, it was fair game," he stated. "In the case of this mod, the animations are not required and the mod continues to work."

Chesko, adhering to Fore's wishes, subsequently refunded customers.

Valve's new incentive debuted with Skyrim, kicking things off with a 75% weekend discount on the title as well as a free-to-play period.

More titles will employ the new feature at a later date.

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