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Site seeks to educate parents about games

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A new site, seeking to provide the necessary information for parents seeking to understand and control games their children play, has launched in the US. What They Play appears to be all about laying the gaming "thing" out in words of one syllable so little Billy can't blag his parents into believing GTA should be played by three year-olds.

"What They Play is all about videogames, and it's for parents just like you," said the site blurb. "We'll help you understand everything you need to know about the games your kids want to play, and bring you friendly, helpful, unbiased information about the content and the experiences that videogames provide."

The site's main feature at the moment is about "how one intelligent game can bring the whole family together", and after a brief look round it all seems very sensible and noteworthy. Bravo, we say. Take a look for yourself.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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