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Silent Hill 2 actor "seeking compensation" from Konami over performance rights

The actor who played James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2 has said he's "seeking compensation" from Konami over performances he gave for the horror.

It follows a decision from Konami to bring in a new actor for the role of Sunderland in the HD version of SH2 that will come with the Silent Hill Collection, which was recently announced.

"Sure, I'd do it again if they asked me but they won't," said Guy Cihi in a Reddit thread when asked if he would return if asked by the publisher.

"The problem is that Konami has already been notified they own me residuals for all previous re-uses of my mocap and voice recordings. Changing the voice won't excuse them with the next release because my mocap is there all in there. (Sorry, Konami, I own those rights!)

"I'll get around to seeking compensation through the court one of these days. I simply don't have the time for it right now. Anybody who has ever sought justice through the cout knows how much money and energy it takes. Hope this doesn't bum you guys out... It's just the way it is."

As pointed out by GSW, if Cihi were to take legal action - regardless of the outcome - it would set a legal precedent in terms of actors involved in roles for games which are getting re-releases with their performances included.

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