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Silent Hill 2 remake set to release during October, with a particularly shiny new trailer

‘In my restless dreams, I see that town… You promised you’d take me there again someday.’ Well, Konami has finally named that day.

Angela and James are talking in the graveyard in the Silent Hill 2 remake
Image credit: Konami

Today’s PlayStation State of Play (May 30, 2024) has been a rather fruitful one, and for those who are anything like me - a complete nut for anything and everything Silent Hill - there’s good (or bad) news. Konami’s attempt at a grand Silent Hill reboot is continuing to come to fruition, with the Silent Hill 2 remake finally being given a release date of October 8, with it releasing on PS5.

While that isn’t the September 24 release date I desperately hoped for, as a sucker for reboots/remakes/sequels releasing on game anniversaries (Silent Hill 2 first released on September 24, 2001), I’m glad that we’ll be seeing this game in the coming months. Given the recent trailers and teasers we’ve seen from Konami (that combat one didn’t give us much hope, really), and fresh developer, Bloober Team, I wasn't too sure what to expect next.

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During the brief trailer shown off during State of Play, we got a good look at at the environment, James and Angela, a little more combat, and most importantly, a good look at the monsters of Silent Hill. We saw the iconic nurses and abstract daddies, but there's still no sign of Pyramid Head just yet. I had hoped the environment would look a little more grisly, but hey, we'll see what the atmosphere is really like on October 8.

It’s no secret that there’s distrust from fans when it comes to Konami handling its legacy IPs, but with the reboot of Silent Hill at large, at last, I have hope that - much like Resident Evil 4’s remake - this remake can perhaps provide fans a new, modern experience of the psychological horror title. God knows it’s what Silent Hill fans need; a good game to put the series back on the map again, or a middling game that finally gives us the closure we all need. Who knows how it’ll all pan out, but we’ll have a much better idea once that release date of October 8 rolls around. What are you expecting?

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