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Shroud lost two thirds of his Twitch US viewership in the move to Mixer - report

According to a new report, Shroud's move to Mixer lost him a significant number of viewers in the US.

Streammetrics has reported a few interesting statistics about the size of Shroud's audience before and after leaving Twitch for Mixer.

Shroud became a full-time Mixer streamer late in October, but only 15% of his Twitch audience in the US followed him to Mixer in November. On Twitch, Shroud enjoyed a staggering 718,000 unique US viewers per month, a figure that's now dropped to 231,000 in November on Mixer.

The size of Shroud's audience on Twitch, in fact, was over 1.6x larger than Mixer's entire US viewership in October, so it's easy to see why Microsoft decided to make that deal.

It's not all bad news, though, because the report reveals that 47% of Shroud's Mixer US viewers in November followed him from Twitch, which means 53% (~127,000) are completely new to Mixer. In that sense, Shroud helped bring many new viewers to Mixer, which works out in Microsoft's favour.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Shroud will reach or even exceed his earlier records on Mixer.

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