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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened gets its first gameplay trailer and it's kinda creepy

Bow before the eldritch god.

Frogwares have released the first gameplay trailer for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, and it's a bit creepy.

The Sherlock meets Cthulhu horror adventure sees a young Sherlock and John Watson undertake a chilling case that will forever "bond and scar the duo."

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened - First Gameplay Trailer

What seems like a straightforward case of a missing person quickly spirals into a web of conspiracies by a cult that worships Cthulhu and are attempting to bring about an ancient prophecy.

In the trailer, you will see how the game takes place across multiple countries and continents. There are also glimpses at some of the tools and tricks Sherlock has in his arsenal to get to the truth.

You will need to piece together key moments in a crime using his imagination, interrogate suspects to get the information you need, and connect the clues to create possible theories to pursue. You will also solve sanity-questioning puzzles and sequences that will slowly take your state of mind ever deeper into ruin as you come closer to a truth that a human being should never have to comprehend.

There will even be times that Sherlock is so far gone, you will take on the role of Watson to try to bring your friend back from the brink.

Originally released in 2006, The Awakened is a full remake and substantial rewrite being rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up to run in Unreal Engine 4.

It will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch and is planned for a February / March 2023 release window.

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