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BioWare's new RPG is PC exclusive and online only

Shadow Realms has been confirmed as the new IP from BioWare Austin, and it's an online action game inspired by pen-and-paper RPGs


Shadow Realms is set in a modern fantasy world, and features an ever-evolving over-arching narrative which will be released episodically. BioWare expects it to play out like a TV show, except the community will explore it together.

The multiplayer-only gameplay is asymmetrical; you can join a four-player party of heroes, or go up against just such a party as a Shadowlord.

BioWare calls this "dynamic co-operative four-versus-one". These individual matches are part of a greater narrative in a fight against something called the Insidious One. No two play session will be the same, apparently. Players will earn experience and progress their characters, whether they play a hero or a Shadowlord.

It's a PC exclusive. Those who attended the conference were granted immediate testing access; everyone else can sign up through Origin over on the game's new website. Closed alpha tests will begin as early as next month.

Here's a bunch of art we grabbed:

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