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Watch EA's gamescom 2014 press conference right here

EA's gamescom 2014 press conference begins at 8:00AM CET/9:00AM BST/4:00AM EST/1:00AM PST. We're ready. Are you?


We've dropped an embed of the Twitch stream down below, but you can also watch EA's conference on the publisher's gamescom hub or Twitch. The pre-show (well, hold music) has been a bit flaky though, so keep your options open. We'll link any mirrors as and when we become aware of them.

We're expecting big things from EA. it's likely to spend a lot of time lovingly detailing Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is its big holiday title now that Battlefield: Hardline has slipped to next year. We'll probably see a fair bit of that, too.

Microsoft spent quite a while banging on about FIFA 14 last night, but we'll no doubt see a bit more, and we've been promised The Sims 4 and Dawngate (the MOBA we don't care about) will be included.

In terms of new stuff, EA tends to reserve its reveals for private events or E3, but it's surprised us before. We are expecting to see BioWare's new IP, which EA's been teasing like crazy, and maybe even get first concrete details on the mysterious new Mass Effect game.

All the news and trailers will go up in separate articles as they come in, so keep an eye out. We'll round them up for you once the dust has settled, of course.

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