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Shadow of the Beast includes emulated Amiga original

1989 Amiga classic Shadow of the Beast makes itself available to a whole new generation.


Shadow of the Beast includes emulated Amiga original

Shadow of the Beast is a new PS4 game from Heavy Spectrum, inspired by the classic Amiga release of the same name.

Many of you may not have been born when it came out, and others will still have been too young even for the sequels that followed in the early 90's. Do not fear, and do not go looking for a ROM: the full original game is included via emulation as an unlockable bonus in the remake.

Since the original Shadow of the Beast is kind of a nightmare for we soft modern gamers, Heavy Spectrum has added an infinite lives mode as well as some other as yet undisclosed features to make it easier to battle through - although these can be disabled for masochists.

Announcing this feature on the PlayStation Blog, Heavy Spectrum revealed Ian Livingstone is behind the soundtrack, which will be available as a free download from the PlayStation Store. It reworks elements and themes from the original soundtrack, so it'll be interesting to be able to compare the two in one package.

The 1989 score will also be playable as an unlockable in the remake, and so will a hi-res scan of the 1989 cover art. Other little nods and secrets related to the original game, and other Psygnosis titles, await player discovery.

Shadow of the Beast releases on PS4 on May 17.

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