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Take a look at Shadow of the Beast's stunning gameplay

Matt Birch, CEO of Heavy Spectrum Entertainment talks us through 16 wonderful minutes of Shadow the Beast gameplay at E3.

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The Shadow of the Beast remake was first announced at Gamescom 2 years ago as a PS4 exclusive.

We got some screenshots back in April, and now we've got to have a peek at actual gameplay at PlayStation's Live Coverage show.

Talking more about the game, Matt Birch said "with the combat system, we really added all these extra layers in there. If you want to get great scores, you have to use the enemies against each other. You have to stun them, throw them into each other, and you have this blood system as well." For each kill, Aarbron absorbs blood, filling up a meter that lets you unleash super moves.

The game looks absolutely lovely, and Birch said that one of the ways the studio achieved this was to have a "brief in the office that no level should feel like any of the other levels. So each one's got to have it's own sort of signature gameplay path, it's got to have its own distinct creatures".

"Talking about the backgrounds, you can see that we've deliberately separated all these layers to give you that sort of parallax feeling the original evoked."

Shadow of the Beast is a PS4 exclusive, with a release date yet to be announced.

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