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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice mod adds easy mode

The Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice community provides once again.

Mod creator Tender Box has developed a new mod for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that simply makes the game easier for players. Rather than break the game, the mod attempts to offer an experience more in line with what you might get in a AAA, Western-developed game.

The mod touches a few different aspects to make this work, such as buffing weapon damage and player defence, as well as upping the duration of weapon buffs. It also disables fall damage, and increases item drop rate.

There are, however, two particular additions that may break the game rather than make it easier.

The mod enables infinite Spirit Emblems, which means you can spam your Prosthetic Tools as often as you'd like. This has the potential to trivialise a lot of encounters, and though it may not work on all bosses all of the time (thanks to some built-in safeguards), it could make going through certain sections a breeze.

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Finally, the Puppeteer Ninjustsu - which lets you take control of enemies - has had its time limit entirely removed. Once again, this may be going a bit overboard, since you can essentially have a bodyguard with you at all times.

You can download the mod through Nexus mods and decide for yourself.

Thanks, Twisted Voxel.

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