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Sea of Thieves Gets a Bleeding Edge Crossover Event Next Week

Earn cosmetics from Ninja Theory's new game.

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Sea of Thieves will shortly be celebrating the launch of Ninja Theory's latest game: Bleeding Edge. The new team-based shooter launches today for PC and Xbox One, and you can earn cosmetics celebrating the game in Sea of Thieves starting from next week.

Rare just recently announced details of the crossover event over on the Sea of Thieves website. Starting from March 30, you'll be able to Bleeding Edge cosmetics items that are specific to your ship. You'll be challenged with three new missions to earn a Bleeding Edge-inspired sail, flag, and hull design from each challenge.

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There's no word on how long the crossover event will be sticking around for in Sea of Thieves. From the wording of the announcement though, it sounds like you'll have a week to complete all three objectives. There's some talk in the event description about turning the "seas red," but whether this is bravado or an actual feature, we'll have to wait and see.

Bleeding Edge launches today for PC and Xbox One, and is available now through Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate on PC. It's a hero-shooter comprised of various colorful and wacky characters, and as if its character design wasn't outlandish enough already, it's getting a dolphin piloting a mech suit in the coming months after launch.

Rare recently confirmed that all beta progress carries over to the final game, so if you played any of the Bleeding Edge betas, you can now pick up where you left off.

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