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Scorn Act 5: How to beat the grenade launcher boss

Your time with Scorn is nearly at an end.

You’ve made it this far. At long last, after having explored every crevice of Scorn’s biomechanical environment, you’ve made it to the game’s ultimate act: Act 5. Up until this point, you’ve partaken in unimaginable things. You’ve shoved your fingers where they don’t belong, left fellow humanoids for dead, and no doubt slaughtered an alien or ten.

You might still be wondering what the hell Scorn even is. We don't know either, but we discussed our thoughts on it here!

That said, you’re still not prepared for what’s to come, regardless of how in tune you are with the rhythm of Scorn, and it’s plethora of puzzles. So, here’s your spoiler warning for the following guide!

Without further ado, here’s our guide to completing Act 5 of Scorn, and hopefully, you’ll wind up with some answers as to what the hell just happened.

How do I complete Act 5 of Scorn?

Act 5 is made up of one part, unlike Act 1 and Act 2.

As a forenote, I have included images below to help, but I’ve been tentative of what to not include. While you’ve already been warned of spoilers below, I’ve kept images of enemies and other pivotal moments to a minimum so that you can experience them for yourself!

Scorn Act 5 Walkthrough

Inside the palace, take a left through the first archway, and head down the stairs. Take the first exit (you can continue going downstairs, but we’ll tend to that later). Up ahead, you’ll see a pillar with something stuck inside it; interact with it.

The player looks at the entrance to some sort of alien meat palace in Act 5 of Scorn
The player faces a lever with a capsule inside it's mouth in Act 5 of Scorn
We're calling these pillars levers from here on out, and the thing in its mouth is a capsule.

Retrieve the capsule from the lever, and return to the stairwell you came from. Be careful not to go to the identical looking stairwell on the opposite side of the room, and head on down to the bottom floor. There's nothing to do here just yet, but I recommend exploring, as then you might work out some of these puzzles before I tell you what to do.

When you're done, head back upstairs. Head right, and you’ll find another corridor you can go down, as shown below.

The player looks along a corridor in Act 5 of Scorn

Along the corridor, you’ll find a machine that the capsule you retrieved can be put into. Do this, and a new secret route is revealed.

The player looks over at an entrance to a secret room after interacting with a machine in Act 5 of Scorn
The secret room is along the corridor just past the right of this machine.

Filling the Blood Capsule in Scorn Act 5

In the secret room, take a right. You’ll find a crab-stabbing heals machine to upgrade your healing crab, and another machine to restore your heals. In front of these machines are a couple of red… I’m not even sure. Let’s call them red embryos.

Pick up a red embryo, and take it over to the empty seat on the other side of the room.

The player faces the grenade launcher boss before they've been awoken in Act 5 of Scorn

As soon as you place down the red embryo in this seat, you’ll then notice it the entire contraption looks rather humanoid-shaped. Now, the healing machines being in this room make perfect sense. You know now that it’s just a matter of time before an epic humanoid on humanoid boss battle.

That said, you’re now going to need to shoot the red embryo that you placed down twice. You’re then going to end up with an alien corpse of sorts. Pick it up, and track back to the machine that opened up this secret room. Place the alien in there, and you’ll retrieve the capsule.

Go back down the long corridor and to the main room. Go to the lever where you initially retrieved the capsule from, and pop it in. It’ll do its thing, and then you can take it back to the machine outside of the secret room again to head back inside.

The player faces a pillar in Act 5 of Scorn

Scorn Act 5 Grenade Launcher Boss 1

Back in the secret room, pick up the remaining red embryo. Place it in the humanoid’s stomach again, and shoot it twice. Now, have fun trying to beat this guy. I’ll be honest, this alien boss isn’t all that bad once you know what he does.

Simply keep out of the line of his grenades, and whenever he pauses to refill his launcher, shoot one of the red, glowing sacs on his side.

Eventually, he’ll topple over. When he does this, shoot his abdomen, and soon enough, he’ll be dead. Except he isn’t, because of course he has a second phase. When you assume he is dead, try to interact with his body and retrieve the grenade launcher.

He then won’t be dead at all, nor happy, and will push you back before getting up to continue his fight. Continue as you were before, avoiding his grenades. You’ll notice that whenever he runs out of grenades, he will follow you and attempt a melee attack; this is your time to strike.

As this boss winds up for the melee attack, he’ll bear the red embryo beneath his armour. Shoot it, and then flee. Run from his grenades, wait for him to wind up his melee attack, shoot the red embryo, and repeat. Once this has been done three times, if I remember correctly, he’ll finally be felled.

Once beat, you can interact with the alien’s corpse to actually retrieve his grenade launcher.

Pick up the alien corpse that fell out his abdomen, and take it to the machine that you took the previous alien corpse to, just outside of the secret room. Your small capsule from earlier on will be filled up again., but only halfway. There’s one more alien corpse we need to retrieve.

Go back into the secret room, and stand on the panel to your right. Look up, and the shutters above the panel will be raised.

The player faces a panel they need to stand on in Act 5 of Scorn

What you then want to do is shoot your grenade launcher through the shutter that the panel just opened. Some kind of large pod will fall down as a result, and the gate to your left will drop, revealing the final red embryo.

Scorn Act 5 Grenade Launcher Boss 2

Pick it up, and place it in the same seat as earlier. And yes, I hate to break it to you, but you’re going to have to fight another one of these big alien bad boys (who may also be controlled by babies?).

This time, you’ve nothing but your grenade launcher, and it’s few measly ‘nades. Fortunately, this guy is also much easier to beat. Simply have him waste his grenades on you by running laps of the room, then when he goes to reload, simply shoot one of your grenades into the glowing shell on his back.

It might take a few attempts, so if you need more ammo, just help yourself from the shell of the previous alien boss you defeated, whose corpse remains in this room. Be careful to only restock up on ammo as the boss is, though, or else he’ll fire multiple ‘nades at you at once.

When he’s been taken down, retrieve the alien corpse from beside his body and once again, pop it into the machine outside of this room. This will finally fill up the capsule attached.

Now you’ll be able to return to the main room, but you’ll find that your hands have since become useless. Rather than go to the lever where the capsule clearly belongs in the main room, head downstairs first.

Much like the secret room, there’s a panel here for you to stand on that’ll lift up some shutters above you. You want to repeat what you did before, and shoot through the shutters again, shown below, for another large pod to fall down. This opens a new gate up ahead, as you’ll see.

The player points their grenade launcher at an opening above them in Act 5 of Scorn
You don't need to fire at anything specific, just up into this space.

In the next room, head right to find two machines and a locked gate. One of the machines restores your healing crab again, and the other will take care of whatever is growing on your arms. It will grow back, however, so you’ll be racing against time a tad to do what you need to do.

Get the heals, and go get your arm crushed in the machine shown below. Then, you can use your key to go through the gate just beside the machine here.

The player faces a machine that mangles their arm for some reason or another in Act 5 of Scorn

Once through ther gate, stand on the panel here. It’ll cause the bodies above you, on a conveyor belt of sorts, to move. You’ll then be able to fire your grenade launcher into the opening that appears, as shown below.

The player fires their grenade at another opening ahead of them in Act 5 of Scorn

The launcher will cause an explosion, and open the gate ahead of you. This then allows you to retrieve another upgrade for your key, which will grant you access through any doors with five lights on them.

You’ll want to go back to the arm mangling machine to have the growth removed from your hands, and then rush to upgrade the key.

The player upgrades their key item in Act 5 of Scorn

Now, you’ll want to go to the arm mangling machine again to have the growths removed. Then, run back through and into the main room, and to the door that with five lights on it that you previously wouldn’t have been able to open. You’ll know be able to open it and head on through, where you’ll see a claw machine.

The player faces a new room in Act 5 of Scorn

Now is for the real test of how fast you can run. You’ll need to now go have your arm mangled once more at the same machine from earlier, and then you’ll want to run towards the claw machine shown above and interact with it.

When controlling the claw machine, position the claws so that the top one sits above the parasite’s head, and not yours. Then, activate the machine. This will, finally, remove that humanoid parasite who’s been tearing up your insides all this time.

When the parasite flees, you’ll retrieve the filled-up capsule from earlier. You’ll also notice that the gate leading to the main room, where the levers are that require the capsules, is now locked. Leaving the room with the claw and facing that locked gate, go right.

Here, you can finally use the two-handed pillar up ahead, and this will open the gate in front of you.

The player faces a two-handed pillar in Act 5 of Scorn

Go through the gate, and you’ll be back outside again. Where you want to go next is up and back inside to the main room with the lever that you first gathered the capsule from.

Simply go past the glowing pregnant humanoid statue and keep left, ascend up the path you see to your left rather than going through the opening on the right.

You’ll then arrive at the main building again, but this first room isn’t quite the room we want to be in. Go down the stairs through the alcove on your left.

This time, you’ll notice a lever on the opposite side to the one you used earlier, or maybe you won’t notice the difference because it’s been a while. Either way, pop your filled capsule into that lever.

The player faces a lever that needs a capsule in Act 5 of Scorn

You’ll then be elevated to a new platform, with a rather grand wall made up of more human matter. It’s more colourful than anything we’ve seen so far, though, and it’s quite beautiful to look at.

That said, don’t head over to the wall just yet. Instead, use the contraption in the centre of the room that has room for your whole body.

You’ll wake up in an unfamiliar body; the same one that was by the lever you put the capsule in earlier. Stand up and go to the contraption in the centre of the room again, and interact with the machine that is currently mangling your old body.

Collect your old body, and now walk on over to that grand wall. Stand just about anywhere nearby, but don’t block the pillar here. Now, you might’ve noticed you can switch bodies here, and hop into the other humanoid body that was sat beneath a lever.

The player looks up at a grand wall with a two handed pillar in front of it in Act 5 of Scorn
The phallic pillar you need is before the stairs and to the right.

Switch bodies, and go use the phallic-looking pillar to the right of the grand wall to have your arm equipped with the tool needed to use those funky looking pillars again.

Now, go to the two-handed pillar in front of the grand wall and use it. An opening will appear, switch bodies and walk over to it to be able to advance down an all-new path.

From this point onwards, your only task is to watch the final cutscene, and well done for making it through this strange, sickly world.

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