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Schaefer says Torchlight's an effort to perfect the RPG genre


Max Schaefer, co-founder of Runic Games and Blizzard North has said that while there are similarities between Torchlight and Diablo, it's nothing more than trying to "perfect the style" the teams has been working on since the 90's.

'We plead guilty to trying to perfect a style of game we've worked on since the early 90's," Schaefer told PC Games. "Since we have two of the founders of Blizzard North, five people who worked on the series, the creator of Fate, and the whole team that worked on Mythos, it only makes sense to make an ARPG as our first title under the Runic Games banner."

Schaefer also said that the MMO version will be out in a couple years, will be in pre-production as soon issues from launching the single player are finalized.

"It will feature a lot of customization, an overworld, random and instanced dungeons, PVP, and much more," he revealed. "It will be indeed free to play, and we'd like to get alpha and beta versions up and running as quickly as possible, though, so hopefully we'll have a lot of community interaction during the development cycle."

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