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Saints Row: The Third's stat tracking site is live

THQ has announced that its stat tracking site for Saints Row: The Third has gone live, and you wouldn't believe some of the numbers.

For instance: over 2 million people have been "bludgeoned to death" so far, by the Penetrator, a.k.a the massive purple dildo on a stick.

Other interesting figures from the two-week-old game include:

  • 5.8 billion citizens of Steelport have met their demise while roaming around town. That's 19 times the population of the US, or 85% of the population of the world.
  • Players have spent a cumulative 2 years in their birthday suits streaking the streets of Steelport and making old ladies scream.
  • In Whored Mode, 44 million pimps, gimps, and prostitutes have been dispatched.
  • 650 hot dog mascots have been overcooked to death by players using flamethrowers.


Also, and interactive map feature has been added which updates in real-time with all in-game activity. Folks can add information to the map, such as: tops and tricks, secrets, and even screenshots.

Have a look through the link.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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