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Runner 2 has no Vita-specific bells and whistles

Gaijin Games isn't interested in building touch controls for Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien.

"We didn't want to mess with touch controls if it wasn't necessary because the game already works," programmer Danny Johnson told Polygon.

"There's something to be said for games that try to do something different when coming to a different platform, that's just not the approach we're taking."

Although Gaijin said it's likely to make more games for the console now it has the feel of it, it is staffed by "traditionalists" who grew up with console games and don't feel the need to make games exclusively for the portable.

"We're really just treating it as an additional platform for the game. So it's not like we're trying to do all this crazy Vita stuff. We're really just saying, 'Here's the game that everybody already loves, just on a portable device,'" Johnson added.

The Vita port is expected between mid July and late August.

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