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Runic: Torchlight will "hopefully" hit XBLA and PSN "by the holidays"


Runic Games hopes to release Torchlight on PSN and XBLA bu the holidays, according to Runic CEO Max Schaefer.

Speaking with Joystiq at gamesom, Schaefer said: "We're trying, we're talking [to Sony and Microsoft] and we hope to get that done quickly," adding he hoped it would be released "by the holidays."

The Runic bossman also told the site Torchlight has sold over 750K units and is getting closer to the one million mark. Schaefer admitted the unit sales seem a bit a low, but claims piracy has been an issue, and they are unable to track just how many illegal copies have been made of the game.

Torchlight 2, which is set for release next year with co-op, will only launch on PC and Mac at first, but Schaefer said Runic will "try" to release it for consoles once the other two versions are out the door.

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