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Rumour - NGP to be called PS Vita

Reports from multiple sources suggest that Sony's codenamed NGP will be officially christened PS Vita at E3.

Domain registrations for and were made on April 20 through NetNames, a major registrant service.

Mega Rock Blog is said to have been the first to post "prepared graphics for E3" showing off the handheld's alleged new name.

Although a cache exists of the post's text and author comments, the blog is now inaccessible.

Joystiq reports before the blog closed, an apology appeared, calling the post "one of the stupidest things [the poster had] ever done".

It's not clear whether this 'stupid thing' was leaking information, or flat-out making it up, but now Ripten is claiming an insider source on the matter.

Adding its voice to the PS Vita claims, the site also reports that the upcoming Uncharted game for the system will be subtitled Golden Abyss. Images have also surfaced showing a rebranded-console with an angled face.

Prior to its official reveal, Sony's expected new handheld was rumoured to be called "Veta". Vita, which can be translated as "Life", appears to fit in with Sony's early marketing for the console as a lifestyle device.

As ever during the month of build up, we'll have to wait for E3, and Sony's press conference on June 6.

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