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PSP2 is codenamed "Veta"


What do you want veta do about it? Not funny?

Multiple sources have confirmed to VG247 that PSP2 is currently codenamed "Veta".

Apparently the name has been picked to disguise the fact that every man and his dog is currently putting together software for the machine. It doesn't appear to be working.

We've also been told the Sony is deliberately spreading misinformation about PSP2 in order to identify where leaks are emerging. Considering your mother probably knows someone who's seen a kit first-hand, we're going to wish the Sony bods luck with that.

PSP2 was only tonight pegged as a console with potentially twice as much RAM as an Xbox 360 in a Kotaku report.

The piece included a lot of information that's already been reported, such as the fact the console eschews physical media and has a trackpad on its back.

The device is believed to be HD - obviously - and have a screen in the 5-6" region.

Multiple reports have now pegged PSP2 for a late 2011 launch.


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