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Rumour: PSP2 screen bigger than current model, more


Kotaku's got some new "rumour" on PSP2's form factor, including claims that the console sports a large, HD screen.

According to the site's sources, the screen is around an inch larger than the current panel and supports HD playback and graphics.

There's more there on the trackpad on the back of the unit, which is described as "large". The inclusion of the pad has been known for months.

Interestingly, that piece says the machine's specs aren't finalised yet, which would explain why they haven't leaked. Sony is apparently trying to find a middle-ground between power, battery life and overheating - the current spec, apparently, gets too hot.

VG247 sources have clearly indicated that the console is slated to ship at the end of next year, and this is reiterated in the Kotaku report.

Dev kits have been in the wild for the majority of this year, with Netherrealm being the first developer to admit possession in September.


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