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Rumour: Gran Turismo 5 shipping between November 30 and December 8


Indian retailers have been told by Sony that Gran Turismo 5 is very much on course for 2010, a source has told VG247, and will release between November 30 and December 8.

Our source was asked to tell customers inquiring about the game that it's likely it will be releasing in December, however he was instructed not to disclose any further details untill an official announcement is made.

He seemed confident the game was releasing during said period, going as far as claiming that the info he had was final.

Sony games release in India day and date alongside UK launches.

This goes well with SCEA confirming that the game's still heading for a pre-christmas release and Kazunori Yamauchi himself saying that the game has gone gold recently.

Sony caused heartbreak among fans in mid-December by confirming the game would slip past its early November releases.

If what we've been told today is true, expect a final release date to be confirmed very soon, potentially early this week.

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