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Rumour: DS gaining tilt, losing GBA cartridge

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IGN’s Matt Casamassina – of Halo DS fame – is serving up a tantalizing trio of Nintendo DS rumors, two of which contradict each another.

First up, Casamassina’s “sources” notified him that Activision might be planning an Nintendo DS accelerometer attachment. The topsy-turvy peripheral would – taking a cue from Activision’s own Guitar Hero: On Tour – fit into the DS’ Gameboy Advance slot.

But, sources also say that Nintendo might be planning to remove GBA functionality from the DS altogether, which limits Activision’s market a little.

As a sort of compromise, yet another rumor holds that Nintendo may be working on DS cartridge-based accelerometer tech, which could potentially mop up this whole mess.

So, what do you think? Want a new DS? A new peripheral? Yeah, neither do we, but we’ll still be in line on day one.

Nintendo's E3 press conference starts at 9.00am PST today.

By Nathan Grayson

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