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Rumour: Bungie holds photoshoot for "steampunk game"

Superannuation's bug up what appears to be a call out for steampunk fans to turn up at Bungie in early June for a photoshoot related to its "steampunk game". Steampunk game?

Victorian military costumes are specifically asked for in the ad, as they'll "suit the game quite well".

Reads the posting, published on the Seattle Steamrats forum:

Calling all Greater Seattle steampunks! I need people to show up in steampunk finery to have photos taken for video game artwork for a steampunk game currently in development. Wear your own steampunk clothing or show up and we'll put you in costume. Snacks and beverages will be provided and a good time will be had by all!

If you have steampunk outfits that are Victorian British military, French military, Confederate or Pirate-y themed, please bring them, as they would suit the game quite well. (extra points for Naval military themes)

Also, any photographers willing to donate their time are more than welcome to bring a camera and their skills so that we may have more coverage of the fabulous-looking people who are sure to be there.

Friday, June 3rd
9am - 8pm
Bungie Studios
550 106th Avenue NE
Bellevue, WA

Halo developer Bungie is currently creating a new universe for publication by Activision. No release date for the IP's first instalment has been announced as yet.

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