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Rumor: Kojima's new game is Lords of Shadow, then again maybe not


The Kojima teaser site has the internet all in a tizzy, and with rumors of the next Metal Gear flying around, a new one for Lords of Shadow has been added to it.

Kombo is reporting that the next PSW magazine, due on stands June 18, shows a silhouette of the main character in Kojima's next game.

However, the site says it's not the same game associated with the teaser we have all been eying so closely.

A NeoGAFer has found evidence to support that the game on the cover of PSW is possibly Lords of Shadow, and as we all know, it's being published by Komani, overseen by Kojima, and developed by another company.

All that being said, Kombo suggests - like us - to take all this as rumor and speculation until more is revealed.

Technically, PSW's magazine cover isn't lying, but you can see by the furor it's causing on forums around the net how easy it is to jump to conclusions.

Pass the aspirin, please.

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