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Rugby Challenge 2 - exclusive gameplay videos inside

Rugby Challenge 2 is set for release next week, and VG247 were given a lengthy hands-on session with the odd shaped ball. Below you will find some exclusive gameplay to keep you in touch.

The Lions vs The Barbarians

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Saracens vs London Irish

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Moves, Customization and Gameplay

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With Rugby games being few and far between, it's always of interest to see what the latest Rugby sport title beholds. What's nice about Rugby Challenge 2 is huge amount of licenses they've gathered as well as a huge catalogue of stadiums you can play at. As a rugby fan, I think you'll be best pleased with the game. A roaring success.

Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour Edition* is out June 13 on PC, PS3, and Xbox

*It has different names in different territories, it's that hip.

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