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Rubin: THQ won't cut any more development teams

THQ president Jason Rubin doesn't expect to have to close any more studios as the publisher pulls itself out of last year's financial crisis.

"We have the appropriate number of teams and the appropriate number of people working on products, and we're not gonna be continuing to cut teams," the new president told Joystiq.

Rubin's comments echo an earlier interview in which he confirmed that THQ intends to fully staff its Montreal team, but the newly incumbent executive seems less certain about specific games.

"As far as product goes, I think we'll have to find out exactly where that's going. I'm taking every project as clay, a clay statue that's been built. It's not nearly been completed. It can be augmented, it can be shrunk, it can be changed. Everything is up for change to make the best possible product that could be," he said.

"I'm well aware of the other projects that are kind of in what you would call 'nebulous states' (though internally they may not be so nebulous). I have to go around and look at everything over the next few weeks, next month, and I have to then decide which of the titles are the titles we're gonna focus on based on what I believe our future should be."

Sounds dicey, but Rubin did say that Guillermo del Toro's InSane trilogy is "still on the slate", which is cheering news.

Over the past year, THQ has slashed its employee count globally, notably in Australia and Japan, closing multiple development teams.

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